Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Perfect Tea Towel: CAT WEEK

As it is my birthday has become an unashamed Cat Week here on the blog. 

So on Monday I shared one of the finest pusscat mugs on the market. Now here are the very best Tea Towels featuring our feline friends. 

And if you were thinking of buying me a birthday pressie, I'll have all of them thanks :)

Aqua Cats Grey Tea Towel, by Lamina, price £12.38 from Etsy

Happy Cat Tea Towels, by Mr. PS, price £10 each from Not On The High Street

Lucky Black Cat Tea Towel, by Alice Pattullo, price £11.50 from Tinsmiths

Moggy, by Repeat Repeat, price £9.95 from To Dry For

This rather marvellous vintage tea towel sold on Etsy a while ago sadly...but a gold star goes to anyone who can find another one on sale!


  1. Miaow! They're all awesome. I have a bit of a habit of collecting vintage tea towels, but don't own any cat ones yet. Shame the last one sold already (although not suprising!).

    1. Thank you! I might just start a collection of the nice vintage cat ones myself - if I can get hold of any before they sell that is!x