Monday, 8 July 2013

Mondays are for Mugs: Fine Little Day

There is something so charming about mismatched cups and saucers. So charming and easy you think! I could do that you say! And envisage pottering along to your local chazza shop to find super-cheap dainty retro ceramic pieces just waiting to be paired by you. 

Sadly it isn't quite so easy (she says with a frustrated look in her eye). Pairs don't match so easily, prices aren't so low (now even the most old-fashioned charity shop has cottoned on to the new trend for vintage china) and sometimes...I have to admit my pairings aren't anywhere near as pretty as I imagine they would be.

Which is why these things are best left to the experts. And why my pick for this week is this mix and match collection of teacups and saucers from talented Swedish designer Fine Little Day.

Behold how right paired up mismatches can be!

These come as a set of two saucers and two teacups. Carefully chosen so whichever combination you choose, you won't (ahem) lose. 

So do remind me of this next time I heard to Oxfam with that mad pottery pair-up look in my eye again...

Two Pack Cups and Saucers Mix, from Fine Little Day, price €87 (ships worldwide)

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