Saturday, 12 February 2011

North London Vintage Market, N10

I adventured proper north today...with good reason and good results. The first North London Vintage Market took place in N10, Crouch End/Muswell Hill way. And after a great run up of anticipation I was not disappointed.
The show promised a mix of vintage homeware, jewellery, fabrics and clothes. It did brilliantly on all counts but the feel of the event was just as nice as its array of vintage furniture and crockery - it was happy, busy and friendly. My kind of market.
Great prices and a mixture of eras and products on most stalls made for a happy browsing.
Mid-century figured pretty heavily - to my personal joy.
Busy hall, happy faces. I was intrigued by these prints...and a wee bit worried...
Restored patchwork quilt.
More tea jars (I seem to have an unhealthy attraction to these).
And own little purchase - this set of six late 50s glass tumblers. They even came with a note to tell you the designers name (Alexander Hardie Williamson apparently for my googling pleasure later). Little touches like that are exactly why I loved the North London Vintage Market. Next market is due for the 2nd April - I'll be there, you'll know it's me cos I'll have bells on


  1. so wish I could have been there too. Totally jealous :)

  2. Looks fab - I will definitely try and make a trip there next time I have a Saturday free. Let me know when you're going again!

  3. Aw thanks, will keep you posted on the next one and get saving up for some serious vintage spending