Thursday, 9 December 2010

Alfie's Antique Market, NW8

Alfie's Antique Market has made my day. I battled through central London shoppers and braved unknown West London (South, East and North, I'm fine, but West...? I'm lost) today to check out Alfie's fabulous Christmas Shopping Evening.
It was my first trip to Alfie's and I can't believe I've never visited before. The market sells antiques, vintage collectable and 20th century design pieces over multiple storeys and from many lovely dealers; everything from jewellery and furniture to antique books and retro haircuts. All very much up my street...and I wasn't disappointed.
There were some great original colourful glass pieces for us magpies.
I really enjoyed admiring the beautiful collection of 20th century furniture (the above chair was a fave of one half of The Shabby & The Chic - who needs a special mention for putting up with my disastrous iPhone directions - sorryy!)
Some of my faves...
I loved the variety of what was available, my heart was tempted by this full length vintage gown, but my head even more by the sweet, colourful silk scarves I spied for as little as a fiver.
Lovely luggage.

More lamps than you could shake a stick at from 70s style modern sculptural glass...
To many an anglepoise.
So many great gifts...I fell for fab old tins, cigarette card collectors books and stage jewellery...unless you are buying big and then the 'proper' jewellery is well worth a look. Beautiful.
And what good Christmas shopping evening wouldn't end with a squeeze box?!

Ace entertainment, wonderful stalls and welcoming atmosphere. The Christmas Shopping late was definitely a good excuse for a festive knees-up and a very good way of getting me hooked on Alfie's, at least.

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