Tuesday, 16 November 2010

H&M Home, first look

I had my first sneak into Hennes (or H&M as it calls itself nowadays) Home today. I think I am sold...
The collection is a nice mixture of colour, graphic, classic 50s, leopard (everywhere!) and girly, all very affordable.
The Oxford Circus flagship showroom has an Argos-style system that smartly keeps the displays simple and nicely styled, with magnetic product cards rather than tiny blue biros!
No purchases made, but I could be swayed by this faux lace bed would be lovely layered with pale pinks and a knitted wool blanket for the cold...mmm.


  1. I love how they styled/organised it, it looks great. I bought a bathroom mat and towels :)

  2. It's clever isn't it? Well thought out, tidy and stylish, my kinda thing! I'm sure I will be buying there sometime soon - I didn't even see the bath mats yet...

  3. I LOVED it in there, such a unique shopping experience. I bought a cushion!

  4. Good ole Hennes, eh? They've kept me in skinny jeans and t-shirts for years and now it looks like H&M Home will be a staple too!

  5. Ooo will definitely be checking this out, keep hearing very good things!