Saturday, 3 July 2010

Urban Outfitters - I forgive you (sorta)

So you'd think I'd be crazy for the homewares too right? Erm no. Sorry Urban Outfitters I just don't get it. The choices of youthful floral and slogan based products aren't really my bag I'm afraid. It seems a bit fussy and busy next to the cool simplicity of their clothes.

They seem to be pretty keen on pastries too. Now don't get me wrong I like cakes as much as the next girl (see most of my other posts) but I can't see why I would want to decorate my home with wouldn't be able to eat them for a start...
However before admitting that this could mean I am too old for the store itself (god forbid) I found the collection of decorative letters in the Oxford Street store.

Urban Outfitters I forgive you, I couldn't resist these text book tall letters, especially this deconstructed-style pair. I'm back to my UO crush and still totally young enough to get away with their clothes. Alright?

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