Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Timorous Beasties, EC1

Oh how I love Timorous Beasties - clever, witty fabrics and wallpapers subverting traditional patterns to create very cool contemporary alternatives. I've admired their toiles for a while, as they look traditional from afar, yet up close you don't see idyllic pastoral scenes but those of modern life...

So I was delighted to stumble upon the London showroom on Amhurst Street, EC1 where I spotted the very apt London Toile which includes scenes of the Gherkin (one of current fave London buildings), loitering teenagers and erm gun crime. Brilliant.
Also I loved this D├ęcouper 3 in a house fulla bikes I reckon I could sneak in some extra ones in my curtains pretty easily.

As including these prints in your home decoration would be a big commitment (but I would love to see how long the family would take to notice the person sparking up a fag in my wallpaper...) it was great to see that mugs, postcards etc were on sale for the less daring of us.

But I'd still love to have the guts for the London Toile in full, perhaps as the most lovely way to remember the scummier parts of 21st century London...

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