Friday, 29 May 2015

Hastings #GatheredCheerSocial

A tiny peek into a lovely day: Ruth Garner, the super sweet lady behind the Gathered Cheer blog, has come up with a generous idea: Gathered Cheer Socials. A new kind of casual, no strings attached meet up for fellow bloggers to explore a new (and blogger friendly obvs) area. Gathering likeminded folk together with no pressure and no brand involved, just to hang out, explore a new place and enjoy a bloody jolly day out! 

So over the long weekend Ruth paired up with another blogger pal Jeska Hearne the creative mind behind the ever-beautiful Lobster & Swan blog (oh and the excellent online shop The Future Kept too) to give a happy gang of bloggers a tour of her home town: Hastings! 

Now I clearly had *far* too much fun to snap as happy as I'd planned (and could easily have snapped more but there was lots of chatting to be done instead...). But here's a little look into the fun we had taking a turn around the charming, creative (and quality antique shop heavy!) winding street of Hastings, its seafront and beautiful old town.
Some top shops include: Hendy's Home Store - wonderful vintage kitchenalia and homeware. I may *ahem* have done a bit of shopping here...let's just say enamel pans and Wood's Ware and leave it at that...

Wayward Haberdashery - the most beautiful, varied and (oh my) tactile! selection of fabrics, trimmings, ribbons and so many buttons. A must for anyone who has even looked at a sewing machine...

Bobo Flower and Garden Shop - there were flowers here that I've never even *seen* in a flower shop before - foxgloves, lupins and the biggest blousiest beautiful peonies ever...
Bobo flowers modelled here...the only way the wear them dontcha know :)

If you'd like to find out more about these Gathered Cheer Socials, Ruth lists upcoming events up on her blog and follow the hashtag #GatheredCheerSocial to see more from the great bunch of ladies I had the pleasure to hang out with in Hastings.


  1. Ahhhh it's cool to see Hastings on a blog! Lived near/around there most of my life, and it sure is quirky. Lovely pictures!

    A Little Twist Of…

    1. Thank you - it was such a lovely place to visit, I can see why you've lived there. Ah one day I'll be by the sea I'm sure!