Thursday, 14 May 2015

Flat snippets

The flat, it seems, is starting to come together nicely. Still lots to do, but it very much feels like home already. So I thought I'd share some snaps of bits I'm already happy with (just wait though...the pegboard is coming soon!).

Every home needs a spanner lamp :)
Shelves, books, plants - all things that make me happy: 
As does this little guy:
Legs eleven: 
Cheese plant pal (four months old and actually still alive!):
And big thanks to the lovely folk at Out There Interiors for donating this super hanging planter to the new flat:
Its succulent friend is settling into its new home nicely too I think.

Out There Interiors planter available here and plant (I think it is maybe an aloe vera?!) from good old Columbia Road Flower Market.  


  1. You cat is too cute! And love that gold planter.

    1. Aw thanks Elizabeth - they are two of my faves! ;)