Sunday, 1 March 2015

H&M Home - a revisit, 5 years on

A little call back to an old blogpost, as waay back in 2010 (and two blog designs ago) I took a 'first look' at H&M Home when it was all shiny and brand new. Back then, what is now a high street norn, only did single duvet covers, had an Argos style system of ordering products (?!) and I think just one shop. Ah the olden days. 

Now it's rolled out across most of the major stores and, my, how nicely grown-up it has become. I visited the same H&M Home in Oxford Street today for a little bit of compare and contrast. 

And twas looking good! The themes are really strong this season, with on-trend marble (look obvs), copper and geometrics galore. Plenty of botanicals and a gentle nautical feel for SS too. All, still, with very affordable price tags. Yes they might be jumping on a few bandwagons but (especially as I'm super skint right now...) you can't turn your nose at bringing design to the masses. 

Here's what I loved, starting with jade style-y glass ware: 
Chevron towels: 
Cactus love (got a bit of a good green thing going on too):  
And I even ended up taking these lovely bits home (can we just pretend that the sweet polka dot bowl doesn't have LOL inscribed in it though? Thanks...):

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