Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Faves: Thread online's Shower Curtain

I don't actually need a shower curtain (I have the joy of a glass shower door to deal with - sigh) but I'm *still* considering buying this. I like it that much. 
This is from New York state based shop Thread's online store. They seem to ship to the UK which makes me a happy girl as I also spied these on the site:




  1. Haha, just like me - forever trying to get limescale off that bloody glass door and wondering if I can somehow make a shower curtain work as well ;-) This one looks great! Have a lovely evening xo

  2. :) we'll never win against that limescale will we?! Thanks for the comment- have a lovely night too.x

  3. Having gone from shower curtain to glass screen, I must confess I don't think I could go back. The wafting around/leaking and the mould did it for me! I never felt justified in buying a pretty one as I would end up replacing them every six months. Still,in some ways that was easier than the limescale I suppose!