Sunday, 11 November 2012

New stuff and things

Bear with me guys...
Lovely image from Jim Bob Art
I'm going to try out some new stuff on the blog. Still love the old format but feeling the need for a shake up. 

DIARY DATES: I love reporting back from markets and fairs, but hope to help you all get your diaries in order so I'm going to starting giving you a heads up on where the best homeware and vintage sales will be going down. It would be great to hear you have a chance to visit too. 

MORE SHOPS: I'm going to bring you more shop reviews, but not just visits. I'm going to start to scour cyber space too and point out online discoveries for your perusal as well. 

MAKES, BAKES...MISTAKES: I try, I tend to fail. But enjoy giving making things a go. And *sometimes* something lovely can come from it (remember I only said sometimes...).

FAVES: When something lovely comes your way, it's good to share. So I'll be popping pics up of products, places and maybe even people that I think are good enough to share. 

OTHER STUFFS: And I might just try some other ideas. Cos, you know...why not? 

Oh and sometime soon *glares at designery type boyfriend* the old blog will get a makeover. Those birds are really starting to get on my wick so think it is time for an update. 

And you know what I might even pop a pic of my mug on here soon - roll on the new times! 


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