Saturday, 7 March 2015

My week in craft

Maybe it's the hint of spring in the air, maybe my nesting has gone into overdrive since our move or maybe I've just spent too much time reading the lots and lots and lots of lovely crafty blogs I follow...but whatever the reason this week has become The Week of All Things Crafty...

And at home: I've dusted off (literally) my sewing machine and had a couple of practice runs back on the trusty old friend. Modelled by Crumpet here: 

Slightly out of season but these were *clearly* the only socks to wear while sewing...
With friends: Russian Doll crafting with the Blookclub gang at the excellent Ziferblat (pay per minute and quaff all the tea you can drink) cafe: 
Russian Doll now settling in back at mine:
And even at work: as we put on a Thornback & Peel screenprinting bloggers evening, which was lots of Easter themed inky fun too:  

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