Wednesday 22 October 2014

Styling the Seasons: October

I can be a stubborn little thing when I want, stuck in my ways (routines rule ok!), happy hunkering down with the things that make me feel most comfortable, untroubled and safe. But sometimes I surprise myself with my ability to push myself into less comfortable situations, trying new things, going out of my comfort zone. And *almost* always I find that I like it. 

Which is why when Apartment Apothecary mentioned the #StylingtheSeasons project somehow my adventurous, carefree self said - 'why not, let's give it a go'. Stubborn me has found this all a liiittle bit harder, but here goes nothing with my first proper foray into giving this styling malarkey a go.

So here's my October Styling the Seasons pic - it's all about that hunkering down that you know I like, cosy autumn Sundays, staying in with your favourite homegrown hobbies, comfort food and, of course, tea. 
A couple of outtakes that I like too (this one is pre tea round)
And another shot that I played around with but never got any further:
All taken with the (inevitable) audience up on the mezzanine floor:
Looking a tad skeptical...

Thanks so much to Katy and Charlotte from Lotts & Lots for setting up this little challenge, I'm enjoying overcoming the difficulties - look forward to giving it another go in November!